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Mission & Vision...

Our Vision

Our School will be a world class Institution committed to Holistic School Education that will ensure Excellence in every sphere of Human Endeavour, committed to Quality Education to promote Human Excellence in all fields of life.

• Foster mature and caring behavior of high standards.

• Kindle such a love for learning that a student becomes a "willing and eager learner".

• Make school experience truly enjoyable and enriching.

Our Mission

That school will create an Environment where every student feels happy, secure and valued. Where encouragement leads to success.

Our Aims & objectives: -

Our aim is to create a happy, caring and co-operative school community School to develop in each student is committed.

(1) The spirit of courage and essence of trust to overcome the trials of life.

(2) The ability to be Sensitive towards the need for preserving the integrity and basic nature of the Environment.

(3) To develop in the students the urge to realize the essence of unity and team spirit.

(4) A healthy life style and Physical Social and Emotional wellbeing.

(5) A sense of responsibility for their own learning and actions.

(6) A sound Scientific and Technological understanding.

(7) The ability to communicate effectively.

(8) The ability to apply knowledge and skills to solve life problems and to face challenges confidently.

(9) An attitude to be a Life Long Learner.