An English Medium Co-Education School, C.B.S.E. Affiliation No. 1030813

Co-Curricular Activities

The school strives for overall development of the child. Hence, co-curricular activities are regularly organized for various classes throughout the year. Students are expected to take initiative and take part in these activities.

Students will also be evaluated on the basis of their interest, involvement and performance in these activities during the co-curricular activity period.

1. English 2. Hindi Language Club 3. Maths Club Activities 4. Science Club Activities 5. Literary Club 6. Discipline 7. Eco Club 8. Health Club 9. Cultural Club 10. Public Speaking 11. Music 12. Cultural Activities 13. Classical Weatern Dance 14. School Band 15. Drawing & Painting 16. Craft Activities 17. Abacus 18. Field Visit 19. Life Skills 20. Soft Skills 21. Personality Development Programme 22. Spoken Classes