An English Medium Co-Education School, C.B.S.E. Affiliation No. 1030813

Director Desk

Director’s Message:

All Dear Parents & Students

These have been seeing a change in system of education during the last one decade our institution is an educational institution which is involved in importing education and encouraging talent.

Child is the finest clay bestowed by the creator in the hands of the mankind with the hope that he/she shall be molded in to a perfect being through the contribution one of the society as a whole school being a major component of the society. It needs equip itself with such techniques, faculties and facilities which shall play a significant role in shopping up the child into a complete being .JJS realizing its responsibility in shopping up future society has came up to answer the call we believed that the need of time is the will of god and mankind cannot rest as long as there is a poor child under sun.

Mr. Praveen Parnikar
Jeeva Jyoti Hr.Sec.School